My name is Dr Andrew Chick FRES FLS and I'm a consulting entomologist. The aim of this website is to provide information about the use of forensic entomology both historically and in the modern day, as well as to act as a base for my resume.

The word forensic derives from a Latin word meaning 'before the forum' a reference to legal disputes being settled by a forum of elders, whom acted as both judge and jury. In the moden day the word forensic has come to mean 'science applying to legal matters'.

Entomology is the study of insects, the word entomology is coined from the Greek Entomon (insect) and logia (study of). Recent figures indicate that there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet! A recent article in The New York Times claims that the world holds 300 kilos of insects for every kilo of human.

Species of insects that feed upon carrion and make use of it as an ecosystem can be studied and utilized as evidence by entomologists in forensic cases.